World-class educators

Pabelon’s instructors and partnered instructors are experts in their fields. Pabelon works with content creators who have a passion for sharing knowledge and improving the lives of their students.


It takes decades to become knowledgeable enough to teach someone else, we’ve gathered people who have dedicated their lives to specialize in many areas of reliability and maintenance, get to know them: 

Ing. Carlos Mario Pérez

Consultor principal en Soporte y Cia

Ing. Julio César Wagner Arbeláez

Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional CMRP – SMRP USA SMRP Proctor

Ing. José Bernardo Durán

Director de operaciones en América para The Woodhouse Partnership Limited

PhD. Carlos Parra

Gerente General en INGECON

Ing. Nelson Cuello


Ing. Juan Carlos Orrego

Director Mantonline S.A.S.

Ing. José R. Contreras

Consultor en gestión de activos

Ing. Oscar Jiménez

Director General, Mantenimiento Predictivo Computarizado S.A. de C.V.

Ing. Carlos E Torres

CEO en Power-MI

Ing. Adrian Chaves

Sr. Facilities and Maintenance Manager

Ing. Carlos J. Pernett

Gerente General, RCA Rt América Latina & España