Reach a worldwide audience

You’ve already created your course — make sure that valuable knowledge is reaching more people who need it. Pabelon can put you and your training on a global stage.

Sell training in your sleep

Our team at Pabelon can handle your marketing, sales, and delivery so you don’t have to. Simply work with us to
license your training courses for on-demand viewing, and we’ll take care of the rest.

While browsing Pabelon’s ample course topics relevant to their career goals, students can discover new areas of expertise — such as your own. The next time they need the knowledge your courses offer, they’ll know
where to find it.

How it works?

Get in touch

Reach out to us to find out if your training courses are a good fit for joining the Pabelon library.

Build your instructor profile

Your instructor profile will connect to any courses you license to be sold via Pabelon.

Provide course files

Once a licensing agreement is in place, we’ll gather course materials from you such as videos, assessments, and course booklets.

List your courses

Your courses will be listed in our Course Library and built into relevant learning paths. We will handle the marketing and sales process for you.

Start selling

With all steps complete, students around the world will be able to purchase your course as part of their Pabelon membership.

A lot of great classroom training never finds its way back to the workplace… That’s because companies spend their time and money on the training and forget about the development.

Dr. Nathan C. Wright, Transformational Performance Solutions

Are the right people seeing your training?

Pabelon can help you find more students across the globe – ask us how.

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