When everyone is at different levels, things get rocky

Pabelon wants to help ensure a candidate is perfect for the job, balance your teams’ skill levels out with customizable learning plans, or thoroughly educate employees about maintenance and reliability!  

See your team's progress in real-time

Pabelon’s dynamic features help you monitor your employee’s skill development and cultivates constant growth.

With course assessments, personalized skill precision trackers, and hard-won badges, you never have to wonder who’s best for the job.  

Your team management tool belt

Definitive badges

We do not hand out rewards that aren’t earned. Graduating with a badge means you have notably exceled in a particular area.  

Assuring assessments

Pabelon courses each provide assessments to help you feel confident in your newly-developed skills. 

Progress monitors

Keeping track of your or your teammate’s industry proficiency allows you to set realistic goals and ensure your business objectives are being met.  

Before Pabelon, our teams were all over the place. It was difficult to keep track of who understood what topic. Now there’s no wondering - keeping track of everyone’s skill development is easy.

Keli Parson

Manage your team, not the other way around.

Get your team on the same page today. 

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Quality instructors

We bring together leading experts in reliability, maintenance, and asset management to provide quality training on a range of key industry skills and knowledge. 


Training calendar

See what trainings are available now or coming soon to the Pabelon course library. 


Learn more about what Pabelon is and how it helps students achieve their company or career goals through knowledge and training.